To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab
  1. Tirade n. pg. 106
   a prolonged outburst of bitter denunciation
   a prolonged vehement speech
  2. Assuage v. pg. 3
   to sooth, calm or mollify
  3. Taciturn adj. pg. 4
  4. Nebulous adj. pg. 11
   hazy, vague
 5.  Illicit adj. pg. 17
 6.  Condescension n. pg. 27
   patronizing attitude or behavior
  7. Diminutive adj. pg. 27
   the state or quality of being small
  8. Benevolence n. pg. 43
   an act of kindness; a generous gift
  9.Turmoil n. pg. 267
   state or condition of extreme confusion or commotion
  10.Apoplectic adj. pg. 100
   greatly excited or angered
  11.Monosyllabic adj. pg. 28
   very brief or blunt; one syllable
  12.Vehement adj. pg. 95
   Marked by great energy or exertion
 13. Rudiments n. pg. 90
   The elements; first principles
  14. Negligee n. pg. 139
   a dressing gown or robe
 15.  Devoid adj. pg. 110
   totally lacking
  16. Contentious adj. pg. 27 
(I retracted #17 nebulous)
   18.  Wallow v. pg. 17
    to roll about in (like pigs)  
   to devote oneself to
   19.  Iniquities n. pg. 25
    wicked attacks or things
     20. Auspicious adj. pg. 32
    affording a favorable auspice   
   favored by fortune
21. Akimbo adj./adv. pg, 161
    with hand on hip and elbow bent outward
   22. Cantankerous adj. pg. 116
disagreeable to deal with
   23.  Iota n. pg. 205
    a very small quantity
  24.  Formidable adj. pg. 130
    one of great strength
  25.  Vapid adj. pg. 8
  26. Duress n. 230 pg. 
     compulsion by threat or force
   27. Elucidate v. 160 pg.
    To make clear
  28. Myopic adj. 130 pg.
    narrow-minded, near sighted
   29.  Succinct adj. 151 pg.