This year's Latin IV students have had the choice to use either Apple's iWeb software or Google's Sites for building their web sites.

Index by Myth
The Creation, I. 54-88 (Ashley)
Deucalion & Pyrrha, I. 313-350 (Boaz)
Phaethon, II. 332-67 (Ryan)
The House of the Goddess Envy, II. 770-805 (Rory)
Actaeon, III. 177-205 (Colin)
Tiresias, III. 316-338 (Sydney)
Perseus & Andromeda, IV. 662-695 (Grace)
Perseus & Andromeda, IV. 702-739 (Mitchell)
Minerva & Arachne. VI. 26-69 (Frances)
Cephalus & Procis, VII. 758-793 (Nick)
Iphis & Ianthe, IX. 716-778 (Pamela)
Atalanta. X. 603-635 (Claire)
The Quest of Ceyx, XI. 710-748 (Frankie)
The Invasion of Troy, XII. 48-83 (Ian)

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Work on these projects began in January and lasted into April. Collaborative translation workshops, lectures on textual criticism and page layout, metrical presentations, and page creation/editing sessions in the language lab all helped to supplement students' hard work at home on Ovid's language.

Index by Student
Sydney Cadiz
Rory Chipman
Claire Harper
Boaz Heller
Ryan Kim
Grace Lawley
Ian Lituchy
Pamela Low
Ashley Mao
Colin McCully
Frankie Paris
Frances Sham
Nick Wactor
Mitchell Yeary

Latin IV,

Spring 2012,

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